Benvenuto Brunello 2017

Recently, at “Benvenuto Brunello”,a traditional event for press, restaurants, wine shops and wine lovers,  the new vintages of Montalcino wines were presented.

This year represents the 50th anniversary of the Brunello appellation and the 2016 vintage has been awarded with 5 stars.

After the technical presentation of the vintage, the Leccio d’Oro prize has been awarded; this award is for those restaurants and retailers in Italy and abroad, supporting Montalcino wines in their work. This year the recipients were Ristorante Del Cambio in Turin (, the wine shop N’Ombra de Vin in Milan (, the restaurant Era Ora in Copenhagen ( and the wine shop/deli A. Litteri in Washington D.C. (



Watch the event:


Furthermore, two businesses in Montalcino have been awarded a special Leccio d’Oro, the restaurant Il Giglio ( and the wine shop Bruno Dalmazio (

As every year, the tile representing and celebrating the new vintage and the stars awarded to it has been presented. This year it has been designed by the Michelin Guide.

During the presentation, a debate regarding the future of Montalcino took place, where personalities like Luciano Ferraro from Italy’s most important newspaper Corriere della Sera, Gioacchino Bonsignore from TG5 and Monica Larner from The Wine Advocate provided interesting insights about the appellation. Beyond other things, Monica mentioned when 4 years ago, just during Benvenuto Brunello, she was offered to work for the Wine Advocate.




The tasting was busy, but with truly high quality attandees. It was a great chance for us, the producers, to meet clients and journalists all in one place, and for trade to meet over 140 Brunello producers under the same roof and, of course, to taste their wines.







The following is a reminder of the official Brunello Vintage Ratings of the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino.
One Star – insufficient vintage
Two Stars – fair vintage
Three Stars – good vintage
Four Stars – excellent vintage
Five Stars – exceptional vintage

2016 Five Stars
2015 Five Stars
2014 Three Stars
2013 Four Stars
2012 Five Stars
2011 Four Stars
2010 Five Stars
2009 Four Stars
2008 Four Stars
2007 Five Stars
2006 Five Stars
2005 Four Stars
2004 Five Stars
2003 Four Stars
2002 Two Stars
2001 Four Stars
2000 Three Stars
1999 Four Stars
1998 Four Stars
1997 Five Stars
1996 Three Stars
1995 Five Stars
1994 Four Stars
1993 Four Stars
1992 Two Stars
1991 Four Stars
1990 Five Stars
1989 Two Stars
1988 Five Stars
1987 Three Stars
1986 Three Stars
1985 Five Stars
1984 One Star
1983 Four Stars
1982 Four Stars
1981 Three Stars
1980 Five Stars
1979 Four Stars
1978 Four Stars
1977 Four Stars
1976 One Star
1975 Five Stars
1974 Two Stars
1973 Three Stars
1972 One Star
1971 Three Stars
1970 Five Stars
1969 Two Stars
1968 Three Stars
1967 Four Stars
1966 Four Stars
1965 Four Stars
1964 Five Stars
1963 Three Stars
1962 Four Stars
1961 Five Stars
1960 Three Stars
1959 Three Stars
1958 Four Stars
1957 Four Stars
1956 Two Stars
1955 Five Stars
1954 Two Stars
1953 Three Stars
1952 Three Stars
1951 Four Stars
1950 Four Stars
1949 Three Stars
1948 Two Stars
1947 Four Stars
1946 Four Stars
1945 Five Stars

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