In Montalcino the last rainy day was June 19th, then the weather has finally changed and the sun has come back.

Warm and sunny days, with a good diurnal temperature variation: 30-33 °C ( 86-91 F) during the day and 17-20 °C (62-68 F) during the night. These are excellent temperatures for the quality of the future wine; in the past years we have noticed that with these diurnal temperature variations, we have harvested excellent, ripe grapes, with a high total acidity, which provides longevity to our wines.

It is still too early to make predictions, but, given the high water reserve in the soil, which will sustain the vineyards even in a warm and dry summer, we feel like saying that we foresee an excellent vintage (even if the quality should be evaluated when all the grapes are in the cellar).

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