Avoiding the frost & reviving the vines

Avoiding the frost & reviving the vines

Yesterday afternoon the sky darkened and it began to rain. The wind blew away the rain and only 11 millimeters (1/2 inch) fell. The wind blew all night which was incredibly useful because the sudden drop of temperatures, this morning it was around 3°C (37.4°F) , meant that the vines avoided frost and all of the frost-related damages.

This perturbation should last until Friday and we hope that the lows will not surprise us like in 1997.

The photos below provide evidence of the cuts of vines affected by Mal dell’Esca (Esca disease).

In the first photo (left), the cut was made in September 2016 and the vine  already a new bud.

As you can see from the second photo, after a year we have a “new” vine that will produce fruits.

If one would read the text books on viticulture, they would say that these cuts we are making are wrong, but our 20 years of expertise tells something different.  By doing so we obtain the results we expect; from an ill vine that is not producing fruit, to a new and healthy vine that will produce good fruit for a certain number of years.

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