Avoiding Disease in the Vineyards

The seasonal weather continues to be abnormal for this time of year. In the morning, low temperatures are at 9°C (48°F) and highs during the day reach 26°C  (79°F). In the last few days, the Tramontana wind from the north has been blowing. On one hand, it keeps the environment healthy by avoiding diseases in the vineyards, but on the other hand it dries the soils.

4.21.16 - vegetation 3



As shown in the photo above, we are 15 days ahead, which is why we are already performing treatments in the vineyards against oidium and downy mildew using copper oxychloride and wettable sulphur (see photo below). Generally, the first treatment in the vineyards is made around May 3-4. This year, it was important to cover the vegetation early in preparation for the rain expected this weekend. We hope abundant rain will fall, as the soil, aquifer and cultivations really need it.


4.21.16 - Trattamenti

Treating the vineyards

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