Ansedonia: another summertime place to visit on the Tuscan coast


Photos by Margherita Ascarelli.

The Italian coastline has many beautiful places to visit, like the Costiera Amalfitana, which is probably the most famous place to visit. But the Toscana coastline is also very beautiful and pristine and has many places that have not undergone the development and are not as overrun by tourists during the summertimes, like Ansedonia and its beautiful caves and grottos, just south of Orbetello.


These photos show how the water is bright and clear, great for exploring and relaxing during the summertime's heat! 

In the 1960s, Ansedonia was one of the favorite vacation spots for the Roman upper class and there are many beautiful villas there. 

Ansedonia is about an hour drive from Sant'Angelo in Colle where we live in the heart of Brunello country. If you come to visit us in the summer, we highly recommend Ansedonia to you.

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