Analyzing the grapes in our top vineyard Paganelli

These are the bunches from our Paganelli
vineyard following the second pruning. The analyses that we will do, combined
with the organoleptic tasting in the vineyard, will tell us the best moment to
harvest the grapes.

Paganelli is our top vineyard and it has some of our oldest vines. The age of the vines is very important because even in warmer vintages, the roots reach deeply enough to permit them to find the water. Irrigation is not allowed in our appellation and so this is very important in the production of fine Sangiovese with great aging potential like our Brunello di Montalcino Riserva, which is made from this cru.

In the video you can hear the voice of my father to say that he thinks that we will harvest this vineyard in the first days of October.

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