After the rain, a ladybug sits on the vine

After the rain, a ladybug sits on the vine

Last weekend we had a little bit of rain (5/6 mm) and it snowed on Mount Amiata. This led to a drop of temperatures that, in the morning, reached 3-4°C (37-38F); this poses a risk to the vines because, as shown in the photo, the vines have already sprouted.  Frost at this time could be detrimental. However, according to the forecasts, the temperature should drop in the upcoming days.

Similar to last year, the vegetative awakening of the vines was early, due to the mild temperatures. At the moment we would need some rain; however, rain is not expected in the next couple of days.  Perhaps it will rain over the weekend.

As we try to manage the work in the vineyards in the most environmentally respectful way, we often happen to find useful insects on the vines such as this ladybug.


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