About The Montalcino Report

Alessandro Bindocci

I am Alessandro Bindocci, and my sister, Francesca, and I are the voice behind the Montalcino Report. The Montalcino Report is a blog devoted to providing a window into life in Sant’Angelo in Colle and, more broadly, Montalcino, Italy. As the winemaker at the renowned Brunello producer in Sant’Angelo in Colle, Tenuta Il Poggione, I write about the vineyard conditions, winemaking process, local culture and everyday happenings in Montalcino.

Our family has been making wine at Il Poggione, one of the appellation’s oldest producers, since my father, Fabrizio, took over the job from the legendary winemaker Pierliugi Talenti after he retired from Il Poggione in the late 1970s. Today, we work side-by-side at the winery, upholding traditional practices while introducing modern technology to help improve the quality of the wine.

Alessandro Bindocci

We do not only produce wine at Il Poggione, however. Like any authentic Tuscan producer, we believe in a biodiverse approach to winemaking. That’s why you will see posts not only about our wine production, but also showing our olive tree orchards that we use to make olive oil, the grappa production process, which is made possible by the marc of our Sangiovese grapes, and our livestock that we raise on the estate.

Il Poggione is a truly local operation as we employ many of the residents of the town of Sant’Angelo in Colle year-round to work on the many aspects of winemaking, livestock management and olive oil production. With the continued involvement of the local community, Il Poggione benefits from generations of knowledge that help enhance the quality of the products we produce and that encourage a more holistic and sustainable approach to our production process. You will see posts highlighting some of the individuals from Sant’Angelo in Colle who work alongside at Il Poggione and some of the local customs that keep this small town vibrant and true to its Tuscan roots.

We hope that you will find useful information about the wines, vines, people and life in Montalcino here. Please enjoy.

Alessandro Bindocci

Learn more about our wines here and here. Our products are available for sale to the United States here.

Alessandro Bindocci, Il Poggione Winemaker

Alessandro Bindocci is the second generation of the Bindocci family to follow in the footsteps of legendary winemaker Piero Talenti, mentor to Alessandro’s father Fabrizio and one of the founding fathers of the Brunello di Montalcino appellation. After completing his advanced degree in enology at the University of Pisa in 2005, Alessandro returned to Montalcino to work side-by-side with his father, bringing with him twenty-first century technology and style to one of Brunello’s oldest and greatest estates; Tenuta Il Poggione. In 2006, Alessandro made his debut as winemaker for Mazzoni, carrying on the legacy of his family and this famous estate and combining the best of what the old and new world have to offer.

Fabrizio Bindocci, Il Poggione Director and Winemaker

Tuscan born and bred, Fabrizio Bindocci began working at the historic estate of the Tenuta Il Poggione in 1976. He swiftly rose to the position of chief winemaker by the end of the decade. By 1999, the Franceschi family of Florence (who has owned the estate since the Renaissance) appointed him as the winery’s director, a position he has now held for more than two decades.

From 1998 to 2000, he served as the vice president of the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino (the appellation’s trade association, founded in 1967).

In 2010, he returned to the Consorzio, after having been elected to its fifteen-member technical advisory council. His tenure as technical adviser came in the wake of the Brunello adulteration controversy of 2008-2010: today, many of his peers credit his leadership for the renewed solidarity among Brunello producers and for consumers’ continued faith in the authenticity of the wines made in Montalcino. He became the body’s president in 2012 and continues to serve as the appellation’s ambassador abroad and its steward at home.

Among his colleagues, Fabrizio is known for his generosity of spirit, his quick wit (a much admired trait among Tuscans), and his love of country life and country living. Even when he dines on a porterhouse in one of Manhattan’s most exclusive steakhouses, he always brings his own Tuscan hunting knife to cut through the beef. It makes it pair better, he says, with Sangiovese.