About Montalcino Report

Montalcino Report was conceived by wine maker Alessandro Bindocci (left
with his father, Fabrizio Bindocci) of Tenuta Il Poggione as a blog
devoted to the wines, vineyards, and day-to-day life in Montalcino and
Sant’Angelo in Colle.

Alessandro’s family has been making wine at Il Poggione, one of the
appellation’s oldest producers, for two generations. Alessandro’s father Fabrizio took over
the job from legendary winemaker Pierliugi Talenti, his mentor, who
retired from Il Poggione in the late 1970s.

Check back for updates about the growing cycle, weather and harvest
reports, and insights and information into Brunello di Montalcino,
Montalcino IGTs, Sangiovese, and what’s going on in Montalcino.

To read more about our winery and our wines, please click here.

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