50th annual Barbarossa festival and Madonna di Vitaleta festival begin this weekend in San Quirico d’Orica


The 50th annual Barbarossa festival and the 10th annual Madonna di Vitaleta festival (Download MANIFESTO MADONNA E BARBAROSSA 2010) begin this weekend in San Quirico d'Orcia, about 30 minutes by car from our village of Sant'Angelo in Colle.


The beautiful festival of Barbarossa celebrates the history of Frederick 1 Barbarossa (Red Beard) Holy Roman Emperor and includes pageants, processions, "alfieri" the "flag bearers", and "re-enactments".

Chapel vitaleta

The festival of the Madonna of Vitaleta commemorates the famous statue of the Madonna by artist of the Renaissance Andrea della Robbia which is preserved in the "cappella" of Vitaleta above.

Chiesa della collegiata

On Saturday 28 August the statue will be transferred to the Chiesa della Collegiata in San Quirico d'Orcia and public music will be performed in the piazza.

Madonna di vitaleta


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