2015 Harvest: Rosé Vinification

In the vineyards the harvest is proceeding well and we are continuing to pick the Sangiovese for our Rosé. After being hand-picked, the grapes are transported in stainless steel containers to the cellar where they are unloaded into the destemmer machine (see the photo below).
09.03.15 Post - Destemmer
Meanwhile, in the cellar, in addition to receiving the newly harvested grapes, we are racking our Rosé. Our Rosé is not made from saignée, but with traditional rosé vinification: after 24 hours of the juice resting on the skins, the skins are removed and the wine continues the fermentation at 54°F (12°C). In this way we obtain a very pleasant, fresh and fruity rosé wine.

09.03.15 Post - Removing the Skins

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