Could 2013 Be Another 1979? All Things Being Equal

Vetta amiata
In recent weeks, the inclement weather on alternate days has flagellated also the zone of Montalcino. Saturday, on the peak of the Mt. Amiata, numerous centimetres of snow have fallen while at the foot, it has hailed.

The temperatures have descended to 5° C. and this, together with the inclement weather, has slowed the vegetative development of the vines which are beginning to flower.

Many years had passed since such a rainy and persistent springtime. In my father's memory, one must go back to the vintage of the 1979, which had a similar springtime.

Recently, we have retasted this vintage and the judgment was "optimal".

For this reason, "all things being equal", if the sun will arrive, the vintage 2013 should be equally optimal.

Brunello 1979

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