2 February Heavy Snow Fall and Cold Wave in Montalcino

2 February 2012 A wave of snow and cold arriving from the Siberia has reached Italy and also Montalcino.

Winter tuscany
Yesterday morning, when we went outside, 10 centimeters of snow had fallen.

In the afternoon, a pale son had melted the snow fall only in part.

Today, it has begun again to snow but at the moment with little intensity.

The weather alert forecast spoke of heavy snow fall (with snow in other zones) and a lowering of the temperatures to -10/-12° C.

Fortunately for us, the minimum temperatures have not fallen below -4° C.

They had spoke of a cold wave similar to that of 1985, which, here in our area, caused more than 70% of the olive trees to die. But then the temperatures had fallen to -15/-22° C.

Snow montalcino
Snow montalcino tuscany

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