1995 Brunello tasting notes by The Comfort Winery in San Francisco

Comfort winery

At Il Poggione we are always content to see that people enjoy our wines in different parts of the world, like the winery Comfort Cellars in San Francisco where they have recently opened a bottle of the Brunello di Montalcino Riserva by Tenuta Il Poggione from the 1995 vintage. For us, the 1995 vintage is a very classic vintage, very "Tuscan" in its style, a powerful vintage that has many years ahead of it. Thanks you to the Comfort Winery! We are so happy that you have liked our wines.

Here is the notes by Steven Comfort:

"Il Poggione Riserva is dense and heavy with black fruit on the palate.   Its fine tannins
are palapable but not out of synch with the balance or character.  
This wine is a monster and will continue to improve with age".


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