1988 Il Poggione Brunello tasting notes by Andrea Gori sommelier

Andrea gori

Andrea Gori, photo thanks VinoGlocal.it. 

Herewith are the tasting notes for Brunello di Montalcino 1988 by Il Poggione by one of Italian best sommeliers Andrea Gori of the Trattoria da Burde in Florence. Andrea makes the note that the 1988 vintage was not scored as high as the 1985 but also became an excellent vintage for the Brunello wine.

"A small miracle already rich color and hint garnet,
showing at least 10 years younger. Even the nose of violets and the flower is
so mature but betrays not a flash. Strawberry jam, cherries, berries mixed with
tea, coffee, anise, a newly emerging service sector. It always amazes in his
mouth more for maintenance and integrity, a tremendous wine that kidnaps you
and you cover the label and rub his eyes. Much meat, so much depth and so much
still ahead, however, enjoyable and prodigious"

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