We Begin Picking Again In A Difficult Harvest (Haste Is A Bad Counselor)

We Begin Picking Again In A Difficult Harvest (Haste Is A Bad Counselor)

This morning we have begun again the harvest. We had stopped after the days of light rain which all together arrived at 50mm. This, together with the decrease of the minimum temperatures to 15° and maximums of 28°, has regiven “breath” to the vines, to the olive trees, and to ourselves.

The analysis of the grapes shows that the process of ripening goes forward. But to arrive at the right point, more time is needed. During harvest, haste is a bad counselor and for this reason, we must wait.

To make great wines, one needs healthy grapes at the right point of ripening. For this reason, we are passing through the vineyards of Sangiovese harvesting, selecting the bunches that have suffered the heat, and leaving still the whole grape bunches to ripen.

It is surely not an easy vintage, with a reduction of production not yet predictable but surely of 20%. But if the weather stays fair, I think, actually, I am almost sure that we will be able to produce excellent wines. But we must wait to have all of the grapes in the cellar.

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