Olive Harvest Begins in Montalcino

Yesterday we began the olive harvest; like every year, we prefer to start harvesting early so that we can extract a very high quality extra virgin olive oil, high in polyphenols. These are natural antioxidants and not only are they good for the health, but they also allow the olive oil to have a longer lifespan. The olives are hand picked by our workers in our estate olive groves and quickly sent to our oil press for the cold pressing and extraction of the Extra Virgin Olive... Read more >

2016 Harvest Concludes

The 2016 harvest has concluded.  These are the last grapes left to be picked (photo). As we do every year, after the harvest we start turning the soil to air it as it has been compacted by the repeated passages of the machines. We will then proceed seeding the field bean,... Read more >

Vineyard Guests and Drying Grapes

During harvest we found a nest (photo above) where a bird had brooded and raised her babies. This is a good sign, as it means that there is a healthy environment that is enjoyed by wild animals. In the meanwhile, the Vin Santo grapes, lying on the straw mats, thanks to the wind that has blown in the last days have already started to dry (photo below). This phase is very important because, as the drying process starts, the grapes remain healthy even if there is humidity... Read more >

Vigna Piganelli – 2016 harvest

After the rain of Saturday night, the wind and the sun were back to dry the vines and help in this last part of the harvest.   Good weather continued in Montalcino yesterday and today. We are still picking Sangiovese grapes and today we’re harvesting the Paganelli vineyard (photo 1). This is the oldest vineyard in our property, planted in 1964, and its grapes are used to produce, in the best vintages, our Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Vigna Paganelli. The grapes are healthy and at the perfect point of ripening (photo 2) and we can’t wait to taste the fruits of this... Read more >

2016 Harvest Update

Good weather continues in Montalcino, with sunny days  and high temperatures reaching 25-27°C (77-81°F) and lows dropping to 13-15°C (55-59°F). In the photo you can see today’s beautiful sunrise (photo alba). Until yesterday, the northern wind of Tramontana was blowing, keeping away the humidity and maintaining the health of our Sangiovese bunches. We continue to harvest in different vineyards as the grapes are perfectly ripe (photo Sangiovese 2016), to produce wines with balance: good alcohol content, good acidity and extract and color that is developed. We are so far very satisfied of the 2016 vintage. As we always say, the vineyards makes the difference but the weather is the balance and this year the weather has been cooperating so far.... Read more >

2016 Vin Santo – picked and drying

Last Friday we picked by hand the selected bunches of Trebbiano and Malvasia that will be used to produce our Vin Santo (photo 1). The grapes are healthy and ripe and they will now be left on straw mats to naturally dry (photo 2) in a big and ventilated room. They will be left there drying until the beginning of January 2017. Today, after a lucky weekend off, we are starting again the harvest of Sangiovese destined for our Rosso di Montalcino and Brunello di... Read more >