Rain breaks the Summer heat

After a period of intense hot weather without rain, yesterday evening  the rain finally came (photo). When temperatures are very high and it then rains, there is the risk of hail storms with the risks and damage it could bring. We have been lucky as it only rained, but in other parts of Tuscany and Italy they had hail storms and lots of damage. 25 millimetres (1 in.) of rain fell last night; it is a good quantity that will help the vines in develop and ripen the grapes without being stressed by the heat. The rain has also brought a decrease in temperature- which is good for both humans and for the plants. We are continuously more confident that 2016 will be a great quality vintage but we still keep our fingers... Read more >


In Montalcino the last rainy day was June 19th, then the weather has finally changed and the sun has come back. Warm and sunny days, with a good diurnal temperature variation: 30-33 °C ( 86-91 F) during the day and 17-20 °C (62-68 F) during the night. These are excellent temperatures for the quality of the future wine; in the past years we have noticed that with these diurnal temperature variations, we have harvested excellent, ripe grapes, with a high total acidity, which provides longevity to our wines. It is still too early to make predictions, but, given the high water reserve in the soil, which will sustain the vineyards even in a warm and dry summer, we feel like saying that we foresee an excellent vintage (even if the quality should be evaluated when all the grapes are in the... Read more >

Weather Update: Interesting Mid-June Weather

Over the course of the last weekend we have had some thunderstorms in Montalcino, and on Mount Amiata hail mixed with snow fell.  This weather is certainly unusual for the second half of June. Unfortunately, we need to coexist with the rapidly changing weather conditions this season. Today the weather has changed again: thankfully, it is sunny and warm.  Forecasts say we will have at least 10 consecutive days of warm weather ahead.  The vines and grapes are in good health and the vegetation keeps growing thanks to the abundance of water brought by the rains.  We continue to poll the vines and hope for more sunshine in the... Read more >

Weather Update: Hoping for the Sun to Come

In the last week the weather has been variable and 30 mm of rain has fallen between June 2nd and June 6th. Yesterday we had a full sunny day with high temperatures reaching 27°C. For the next few days rain is in the forecast, but after that we hope that  stable sunny weather will come to help the grapes grow.  Experts have forecasted warm and dry summer months ahead, so the abundant rain of the last week will be a very useful reserve for the coming summer season. Despite the frequent rain the vines are in a good state and the size of the grapes is normal.  The rain also causes the vegetation on the vines to grow rapidly: we are now working in the vineyards polling the vines to keep the canopy trimmed and neat. Photo: The vines being polled in the... Read more >

Thunder and Lightning in Montalcino

  In the last few days, rain has fallen almost every day in good amounts. This will certainly help in the upcoming summer. Last night, we had a thunderstorm in Sant’Angelo and Montalcino. In the photo above, you can see an old oak tree that was struck by lightning. We have been lucky because other regions experienced hail, but our bad weather brought only rain. Meanwhile, the vines continue their growing process and blossoming will occur... Read more >

Weather Update: Rain Finally Falls in Montalcino

The strongly awaited rain has fallen during the weekend and yesterday (about 16 mm/0.6in). As we’ve mentioned, rain is very useful at this time of the year because it will help prepare us for summer, which already has a very warm forecast.     The rain, together with high temperatures, helps the growth of not only the vines but also the grass; we have chosen not to use chemical herbicides, so we manually remove the grass around the vines.... Read more >