Harvest Report 2011: Temperatures Have Returned to the Seasonal Norm

Harvest Report 2011: Temperatures Have Returned to the Seasonal Norm

We are continuing to harvest Sangiovese with which we will produce the Rosato Lo Brancato (rosé “The Bronco”).

Temperatures have returned to the seasonal norm, with highs of 30° C. (86° F.) and lows of 15-17° C. (59-63°).

The 2011 vintage has been compared by some to the very hot vintage of 2003. But this is not the case: 2011 had a perfect seasonal progression except for 10-12 very hot days in August, with a high temperature on August 21 where the high reached 37.4° C. (99.3° F.) with a low of 19.9° C. (68° F.) on our estate.

The differences between estate and estate will be determined by the vines and their age (as we well know, a vine that is 20 years old or more has a very deep root apparatus), the management of the soil, the type of terrain, and the vineyard canopy covering the bunches. All of these elements ensure that the sun does not “cook” the grapes. And these are the conditions that will influence the quality of the vintage.

We believe that in the future it will be indispensable to insert in the appellation some technical parameters like emergency irrigation, a practice that would allow growers to overcome these periods unharmed, even if limited by the great heat.

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