The vines have started to “cry”

Over the last weekend, 30 millimeters (1.2″) of rain fell while it snowed on Mount Amiata. We hoped that temperatures would drop but this was only partly the case. The temperatures are anomalous for this time of the year, with both lows and highs above the average. Yesterday we had 19°C (66.2F) in the warmest time of the day. The vines are starting to “cry”, that is a sign that they have started their vegetative growth and in about twenty days the buds should open. Meanwhile, we are finishing our work of substituting the dead vines with new ones. The peach tree in the following photo has grown from a peach pit that someone threw on the soil after eating it: it provides delicious peaches and does not need any anti-parasitic... Read more >

New White Wine Vineyards

While of course our focus in Montalcino is red wine, see receive increasing requests from our customers for white wines.  With this in mind,  this year we are planting new vineyards of Vermentino and Chardonnay. The soil has been previously worked and it is located in the lower elevations of the estate, where it is possible to irrigate and the specific microclimate is a better fit for white wines. The estate keeps growing and we are always more convinced that quality is made in the vineyards.  This is the reason why we have decided to increasingly become self sufficient and produce all the grapes we need for our whites in our own vineyards (as we have done for years with our red wines) so to further increase the quality of our white wines The selections of the vines  is made from a high quality nursery with which we have been cooperating over the last 40... Read more >

Rain helps moderate the heat

Yesterday Montalcino, as well as other areas in Tuscany and Italy, were hit by bad weather that brought some rain. At Il Poggione, 12 millimetres of rain fell and together with the more abundant rain of other areas, relieved the high temperatures by a couple of degrees (from 33°C / 91°F of Sunday to the 31°C / 8°F of today, as shown in the photo). While slight, this decrease give us a little bit of much appreciated relief from the heat. Meanwhile, in the vineyards, veraison keeps going... Read more >

Veraison and Green Harvest

The thunderstorms that have been bringing heavy showers in the Tuscan hinterlands in the last days have passed through leaving us almost unharmed: a few millimeters of rain have fallen without any damage for the vineyards or for the ripening of the grapes. Veraison proceeds quickly and day after day there are more and more bunches changing their color.. Meanwhile, through thinning we started to relieve the vines that had a larger quantity of grapes, compared to our standards. Thinning is a precision job that our workers are doing to bring grapes to ripening in the best possible way. We keep saying that, fingers crossed, there are the conditions for 2016 to be a great... Read more >

Veraison begins!

After the rain last week and the related cooler temperatures, the season is stable and we are registering an increase of the maximum temperatures, with peaks, in the hottest hours of the day, up to 32/33 °C (89.6/91.4 F); in the evening the temperature starts decreasing and during the night it gets to 15/16 °C (59/60.8 F). For this reason we start working at 6:00 in the morning and we finish at 1:00 PM so that in the warmest hours the workers can rest at home. The vines are not stressed, as the soil still has a good water supply. This is confirmed by the the amount of new vegetation that the vines are growing. For this reason we have to cut the vegetation, not only with machine, but also by hand, so that we can slow the vegetation down and push the work of the vine towards the ripening of the grapes. We have started to find some grape berries that are changing in color... Read more >