Harvesting Merlot

In these days of beautiful weather, we are picking the Merlot grapes (photo 1) we will be using for our Rosso di Toscana. The grapes are healthy and ripe (photo 2), and we expect very high quality for the wine to come. The weather is still good, warm and sunny, with temperatures reaching 30°C (86°F) during the day and dropping down to 15-16°C (59-61°F) at night: this difference between day and night is perfect for the continued ripening of the... Read more >

2016 Harvest Continues

After the rain of Tuesday and Wednesday evening, very useful after several weeks of warm and dry weather, we renewed the harvest. We are currently picking Vermentino for our white wine (photo): these grapes are perfectly ripe and ready for harvest. Tomorrow, although it’s Saturday, the work will go on: during this period there is no Saturday or Sunday, each day has to be exploited to make sure every grape bunch is picked and brought to the cellar with perfect quality and... Read more >

Sangiovese harvest for Rosè begins!

Yesterday we started the harvest of Sangiovese for our Rosè. The Sangiovese for our Rosè. comes from younger vineyards in our Estate, generally less than ten years old.  It was a sunny warm day and the grapes were healthy and perfectly ripe. Last night 17-20 mm (.7-.8 in.) of rain fell in our area (photo), so the harvest stopped and we will start again tomorrow. In recent weeks, since mid-August, we have had warm days, with a strong wind that dried the soil and the grapes. So last night’s rain, without any threat of hail, was a real godsend. In some moments rain is really very useful, and this was one of... Read more >

2015 Olive Harvest Produces Beautiful Olive Oil

The olive harvest has almost come to an end. The final days have been characterized by sunny weather with a cold northern wind, the Tramontana. Low temperatures are around 46°F (8°C) and the highs during the day can reach 60-65°F (16-18°C). This year the olive harvest went very well and produced a great quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with a beautiful bright green color and a spicy flavor. Over the next few days, we will filter and bottle a part of the newly pressed oil. All the press operations are supervised by Antonio Vincelli, who has been working for us for 20 years and is one of our oil press managers. (Antonio Vincelli, Olive Oil Press... Read more >

2015 is a Great Vintage!

Today is the last day of harvest. We have finished picking the grapes. In the photo below, our winemaker Fabrizio Bindocci cuts the last bunch of Sangiovese for our Brunello. 2015 was a great vintage! The grapes we have harvested are perfect. Brunello di Montalcino 2015 will certainly be a great one. We will update you over the next few days on how the work in the cellar is... Read more >

Harvest 2015: Winding Down

We have finished the harvest of Paganelli vineyard, and now we have moved to harvest the Sangiovese from the higher elevation vineyards of the property (1300 feet/400 metres above sea level). The grapes are healthy and of a very good quality. The sugar level is ideal and the tannins are perfectly ripen. The weather keeps assisting us. No rain is expected and the temperatures range between 57° and 68°F (14° to 20... Read more >