Back to Work in the Vineyards

Following the Christmas holiday, the estate has come back to work in the vineyards the first week of January. This is the period of the pruning of the vines. First we pass through the rows with a pre-pruning machine that prunes the 80% of the canes. Then we pass through again with air shears and electric shears to finish the job. These tasks are highly important and are carried out by women and men who have top training and ability, the fruit of their years working in the vineyards. No other workds are done in this period because it has rained sufficiently and the soils are very... Read more >

The well-finished harvest lunch and a gold medal

As is the tradition, on Sunday we have celebrated the "benfinita" of the "vendemmia", the "well-finished harvest". 140 persons between our employees and their families participated in this lunch that has taken place in our cellar. It was a great party for celebrating a year like 2009 which promises truly to be high in quality. We ate typical foods of our land accompanied by our wines for a truly delightful afternoon.   It has by now became a tradition during the lunch to reward our employees who have worked with us for 20 years with a medal. This year it was the turn of Anna Canuti. Anna works with us as a worker in the vineyards as well as in the cellar since 1989. Owner of il Poggione Leopoldo Franceschi (pictured to the right) therefore delivered a gold medal to her to thank her for all these years of collaboration and loyalty to our... Read more >

End of Summer Banquet in our village Sant’Angelo in Colle

Every year our village holds a party to commemorate the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall. Sant'Angelo in Colle is a small village south of Montalcino. Things have remained the same here for as long as I can remember and we like our life the way it is very much. In the photo is the Giuseppe Verdi "banda" and the concert took place in the main square of the village, just a few doors from where I live with my family. Following the Holy Mass and the concert, we all ate dinner together in the main square. Many of the people who live in our village work with us at Il Poggione and the "End of Summer Party" is a wonderful way for us to celebrate the many things that we have to be grateful for. Here is a description of Sant'Angelo by the writer Fabio Pellegrino in 1989: "In Sant'Angelo there is always a great silence, broken only by the sound of Church bells. Below the village, you can barely hear the men at work. They call out to each other and their saws ring out and every so often you can hear their dogs bark as they tire themselves out chasing after boar. Life seems easier and less tough when seen from Sant'Angelo in Colle". The description is taken from a wonderful book entitled "Hiking Trips from the Crete Senesi to Montalcino to the Orcia River Valley". We love our lands and our life here in... Read more >

Fabio Guerrini, cellar master and pillar of Il Poggione

In the photo above, my father Fabrizio Bindocci (left, the director of Tenuta Il Poggione) and Fabio Guerrini (our cellar master and manager) are tasting the new wine as fermentation begins. This tasting is just as important as chemical analysis because it allows us to monitor the evolution of the wine during the fermentation itself. Here at Il Poggione, we taste all the vats every day to check the wine during every phase of fermentation. Fabio is one of the oldest employees at Tenuta Il Poggione and we call him the "colonna portante", the "pillar" or "backbone" of our cellar. All of the workers in the cellar look to him for guidance. He is in charge of the cellar and chemical analysis and the experience that he has acquired over the years at Il Poggione allow him to do excellent work... Read more >